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Sending "All Student" Emails



In the past, emails intended for distribution to students were sent to and were subsequently forwarded.  Due to requests from faculty and staff, effective June 17, 2010, when a member of the university community has an email to send to students, the email will go directly to the distribution list.

Your email should be addressed to using the Blind Copy (Bcc...) field.  The AllStudents account sends email to students’ ForUM Email in the same way the AllFacStaff account sends email to all faculty and staff.

Here are some important points regarding the use of

  • For privacy considerations, should be put in the Blind Copy (Bcc...) field of your email message.
  • If someone sends an email to both AllFacStaff and AllStudents, you will receive the message twice in Outlook if your ForUM Email is set to redirect to your Exchange (Outlook) account.
  • When preparing an email for distribution via, your message will be seen by all UM students, regardless of whether they are currently enrolled, have left UM, or have graduated.
  • If your email is intended for current students only, you may want to consider putting a note at the top of the email that says “If you are not currently enrolled at UM, please disregard this message.”