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Technology Services

Software License Management Statement



To provide proper management of the computer software on University-owned systems, insure legal compliance with license requirements, and maintain accurate archives of software media for effective installations.

Location of Media and License

Licenses and media for the core software supported by the Technology Services department will be centrally stored at the Technology Services office.  The desktop systems database will be maintained by Technology Services to accurately reflect software installations on campus.  Licenses and media for specific software purchased for departmental or academic use that is not a part of the core software may be stored within the department.  In these cases, the department budget manager will act as the software compliance officer to insure that the media and license are properly stored within the department and that Technology Services is notified of additions or changes to software so that the desktop systems database can be kept current.  The compliance officer will maintain current records and be able to produce a valid license for each software installation within the department if so requested.

Compliance Agreement

System users implicitly agree that when using University-owned systems and/or software, they will follow proper license requirements at all times.

Conflicting Software

Any non-supported software that conflicts with any core software supported by the Technology Services department will be identified and reported to the user of the software.  If no resolution can be found for the conflicting software and removal is the only option, the user will be asked to remove the software from the system or waive support provided by Technology Services.  The department compliance officer will be notified when support has been waived.

System Inventory

Each year a system inventory will be performed by Technology Services on all University-owned desktop systems.  During this review, hardware and software status will be verified and the desktop systems database will be updated to reflect current status.