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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Windows Update
(PC Users only)


The University of Montevallo's Windows Update Server automatically pushes out approved updates for university-owned Windows computers.  The FAQ's below are for individuals who are interested in setting up an automated Windows update on their personally-owned computers.


Q.  How do I access Windows Update?
A.  Point your web browser to   Please note, there is NO "www" at the beginning of this web address.

Q.  Why should I use Windows Update?
A.  Microsoft frequently issues security patches and other updates for their software.  It is important that we all stay up-to-date with these patches, in order to protect our computers from hackers and other security threats.

Q.  How do I use Windows Update?
A.  Once you arrive at the Windows Update site, what you will see will depend on the versions of Windows and Internet Explorer you are running.  However, Windows Update is very easy to use; just follow the instructions on the screen.

Q.  There are a lot of different things available to download at the Windows Update site.  How do I know which ones to choose?
A.  Be sure you download and install anything in the Critical Updates section.  The items under Recommended Updates may be useful too, but they are not critical.

Q.  How often should I use Windows Update?
A.  Once a month should do.  Whenever important security patches are released, Technology Services will send out an email to let everyone know.

Q.  Is there any way for me to automate the Windows Update process?
A.  Yes, follow these procedures to set up your PC to download these updates automatically:

1) At the bottom-left of your desktop, click Start then Settings.

2) Choose Control Panel.

3) For Windows XP users, double-click on the System control panel, then choose the Automatic Updates tab.

4) Near the top of the Automatic Updates control panel is a check box that reads "Keep my computer up to date…"

5) If this box is checked, you are automatically downloading critical updates as specified in the Settings section below the check box.  If the box is not checked, then the automatic download feature is disabled.

6) You can enable automatic downloads by putting a check in the check box.  Then, select the settings that you prefer.

7) Click OK to save your settings.


Revised August 2010