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The TEACH (Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education) Grant Program will be awarded to students who are identified by the College of Education and Graduate Admissions and Records. Elementary Education majors will not be considered because of the definition of teaching in a high need field and employment at a Title I school. Federal regulations state that students in the Teacher Certification non-degree program are ineligible.

To be considered for the TEACH  Grant program, students must be admitted formally to:

  • Phase II of the Alternative Master’s Degree program in Secondary Education pursuing initial teacher certification in General Science, Chemistry, Math, Biology, or Collaborative Teacher (K-6, 6-12, and DHH).

  • The Traditional Master’s Degree program in Secondary Education for General Science, Chemistry, Math, or Biology teachers.

To be considered, applicants must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the appropriate award year. The grant will be awarded by the Office of Student Financial Services  to eligible students who are recommended by Graduate Admissions and Records. Students will be advised to complete additional requirements to secure funds. This includes a federal “Agreement to Serve” (ATS) for a designated number of years in a Title I school in specified high-need fields as well as initial/subsequent entrance counseling each award year. Failure to comply with the agreement will result in the grant reverting to an unsubsidized Direct Loan. The grant will be prorated if the student is not enrolled full time (9 hours for graduate students).