Alabama's Public Liberal Arts University

Summer Awards

McNair Scholars Program

Summer Award Recipients



Best Overall Presentation                   Bria Hines, Speech & Language Pathology
                                                               Darlena Garner, Sociology

Best Overall Research                        Alexia Carter, Chemistry
                                                               Korey Wilson, Theatre and English

Scholar's Choice Award                     Bria Hines, Speech & Language Pathology



Best Overall Presentation                  Mallory Mitchell, Marketing

Best Overall Research                        Breona Jackson, English

Scholar's Choice Award                     Breona Jackson, English



Best Overall Presentation                  Richard Hamrick, Psychology
                                                              Breona Jackson, English

Best Overall Research                       Roger Hamilton, Sr., History and Psychology
                                                              Joshua Womack, History and English

Scholar of the Year                             Joshua Womack, History and English

Scholar's Choice Award                    Jessica Hamlin, English
                                                              Richard Hamrick, Psychology

Tenacity Award                                   Kathleen Bailey, Business Management



Best Overall Presentation                  Sydney Stover, Mass Communication

Best Overall Research                        Patrick Morris, Biology     
Scholar of the Year                              Melissa Hollon, Psychology

Scholar's Choice Award                     Mercedes Jones, Art

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Best Overall Presentation                  Sedrick Smith II,  Math Education
                                                              Will Davis III,  Education

Best Overall Research                        Patrick Talley, Management       

Scholar of the Year                              Brittany Ford, Marketing

Scholar's Choice Award                     Crystal Nichols, Psychology



Best Overall Presentation                  Erica Russell, Music Education
                                                              Tiffany Westry, Mass Communication

Best Overall Research                       Steven Hallman, Management       

Scholar of the Year                              Dasha Maye, Psychology

Carol Hodges Award                          Candyce Osburn, Child & Family Studies



Best Overall Presentation                  Moriea Barnett-Lewis, Social Work

Best Overall Research                       Claudia McLawhorn,  Social Work

Scholar of the Year                             Corinna Brewer, Art

McNair Leadership Award                 Tiffany Westry, Mass Communication

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Best Overall Presentation                   Dorcas Lucy, Biology /Social Work

Best Overall Research                        Amber Wright, Chemistry

Scholar of the Year                              Gabrielle Dudley, History
                                                               Aaron Fant,  Business - Marketing

Scholars' Scholar of the Year             Teresa Whiting, Communication Studies



Best Overall Presentation                  Terra Moody, Mass Communication

Best Overall Research                        David Jordan, Music

Scholar of the Year                             MeCherri Tarver, Sociology



Best Overall Presentation                  Lynsey Weatherspoon, Mass Communication

Best Overall Research                       Tina Cook, Biology

Scholar of the Year                             Ashley Moore, Education



Best Overall Presentation                  Emilee Weatherspoon, Communication Studies

Best Overall Research                       Cristy Tower, Biology