Alabama's Public Liberal Arts University

McNair Scholars Program


Research Projects 2008


McNair Scholar:      Moriea Barnett-Lewis                                Awarded Best Research Presentation

Topic :                         "Bullying:  The Here & Now"

Mentor:                        Dr. Stephen Parker


McNair Scholar:       Corinna Brewer                                        Awarded Scholar of the Year

Topic:                         "The Modern Iconoclast--Investigating the Validity of Vandalism as Artistic Practice"

Mentor:                       Dr. Kelly Wacker, art


McNair Scholar:      Ashley Burge

Topic:                        "Ethnic Identification's Effects on Academic Achievement in Women"

Mentor:                     Dr. Sherry Ford


McNair Scholar:      Dallas Hanbury

Topic:                        "Living with God:  The Caning of Charles Sumner and the Republican Party"

Mentor:                      Dr. Ruth Truss


McNair Scholar:      Cory Lockhart

Topic:                        " His Dark Secularism: Mythology and Apocalypticism as Secularist Rhetoric in 

                                     Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials  Trilogy"

Mentor:                      Dr. Paul Mahaffey


McNair Scholar:    Claudia McLawhorn                                        Awarded Best Overall Research Project

Topic:                      "Birmingham's Homeless Youth:  Availability and Awareness of Healthcare Resources"

Mentor:                    Ms. Jeannie Duke


McNair Scholar:        Charity Miller

Topic:                         "Founding Fathers & God"

Mentor:                       Dr. Ruth Truss


McNair Scholar:        Jennifer Travis-Scott

Topic:                          "Protecting Our Elderly"

Mentor:                        Ms. Jeannie Duke


McNair Scholar:        Antonio Urdiales

Topic:    "Performativity and the Queer Masculine Identity:  Gender Performance and the 21st century Art Practice"

Mentor:                        Dr. Kelly Wacker


McNair Scholar:        Tiffany Westry                                    Awarded McNair Leadership Award

Topic:                        "The Role of the Birmingham World in the Civil Rights Movement"

Mentor:                      Dr. Susan Thompson