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The Chair of the Department of English and Foreign Languages is Dr. Paul Mahaffey. You may contact Dr. Mahaffey by clicking onto this address:

Students transferring from Alabama community colleges may complete Areas I-V of the STARS Guide for Foreign Languages and have all of those courses count towards completion of the major. In order to insure the best preparation for a degree program in Foreign Languages - French at Montevallo, transfer students should choose the following Alabama community college course options from Areas I – V of the AGSC Guide.  A maximum of sixty-four hours of credit will transfer from a two-year college.

Area I - Written Composition
(Six semester hours)

ENG 101-102 - Written Composition I & II


Area II - Humanities and Fine Arts
(Eighteen semester hours)

Select a sequence of Literature courses from among:

ENG 251-252 – American Literature I & II
ENG 261-262 – English Literature I & II
ENG 271-272 – World Literature I & II

Select either SPH 106 or SPH 107

Select three courses from among:

ART 100 - Art Appreciation
ART 203 - Art History I
FRN 101 - Introductory French I
FRN 102 - Introductory French II
FRN 201 - Intermediate French I
FRN 202 - Intermediate French II
GRN 101 - Introductory German I
GRN 102 - Introductory German II
MUS 101 - Music Appreciation
PHL 106 - Introduction to Philosophy
PHL 206 - Ethics and Society
SPA 101 - Introductory Spanish I
SPA 102 - Introductory Spanish II
SPA 201 - Intermediate Spanish I
SPA 202 - Intermediate Spanish II
THR 120 - Theatre Appreciation
THR 126 - Introduction to Theatre
*At least one of the three must be a fine arts course.  A maximum of two of the three may be fine arts courses.


Area III - Natural Sciences and Mathematics
(Eleven semester hours)

Select two 4-semester hour science courses from among:


Select MTH 110 – Finite Mathematics or MTH 112 – Precalculus Algebra


Area IV - History, Social & Behavioral Sciences
(Twelve semester hours)

Select a sequence of History courses from among:

HIS 101-102 – History of Western Civilization I & II
HIS 121-122 – World History I & II
HIS 201-202 U.S. History I & II

Select two social science courses from among:

ECO 231 - Principles of Macroeconomics
ECO 232 - Principles of Microeconomics
GEO 100 - World Regional Geography
POL 211 - American National Government
PSY 200 - General Psychology
SOC 200 - Introduction to Sociology


Area V - Pre-Professional, Major, & Elective Courses

Select an Introductory-Level sequence in French

Select an Intermediate-Level sequence in French

Select a computer course from among:

CIS 130 - Introduction to Information Systems
CIS 146 - Microcomputer Applications (for students seeking teacher certification)
CIS 191 - Introduction to Computer Science

Select one health course from among:
HED 220 - Personal and Community Health
HED 221 - Personal Health
HED 226 - Wellness
PED 100 - Concepts of Fitness


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