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The Interim Dean of the Stephens College of Business is Dr. Nathan McMinn. You may contact Dr. McMinn by clicking onto this address:

Students transferring from Alabama community colleges may complete Areas I-V of the STARS guide for any Business major and have all of those courses count towards completion of the major.  Transfer students seeking to select courses that most closely match degree programs in Business at Montevallo should choose the following Alabama community college course options from areas I-V of the AGSC Guide.  A maximum of sixty-four hours of credit will transfer from a two-year college.

Area I - Written Composition
(Six semester hours)

ENG 101-102 - Written Composition I & II


Area II - Humanities and Fine Arts
(Eighteen semester hours)

Select a sequence of Literature courses from among:

ENG 251-252 - American Literature I & II
ENG 261-262 - English Literature I & II
ENG 271-272 - World Literature I & II

Select either SPH 106 or SPH 107

Select three courses from among:

ART 100 - Art Appreciation
ART 203 - Art History I
FRN 101 - Introductory French I
FRN 102 - Introductory French II
FRN 201 - Intermediate French I
FRN 202 - Intermediate French II
GRN 101 - Introductory German I
GRN 102 - Introductory German II
HUM 130 - Mankind and His Art
MUS 101 - Music Appreciation
PHL 106 - Introduction to Philosophy
PHL 206 - Ethics and Society
SPA 101 - Introductory Spanish I
SPA 102 - Introductory Spanish II
SPA 201 - Intermediate Spanish I
SPA 202 - Intermediate Spanish II
THR 120 - Theatre Appreciation
THR 126 - Introduction to Theatre
*At least one of the three must be a fine arts course.  A maximum of two of the three may be fine arts courses.


Area III - Natural Sciences and Mathematics
(Eleven semester hours)

Select two 4-semester hour courses from among:

Physical Science

SELECT MATH 110 - Finite Math or MATH 112 - Precalculus Algebra


Area IV - History, Social & Behavioral Sciences
(Fifteen semester hours)

Select a sequence of courses from among:

HIS 101-102 - History of Western Civilization I & II
HIS 121-122 - World History I & II
HIS 201-202 - U. S. History I & II

Select ECO 231 Macroeconomics and ECO 232 Microeconomics

Select HED 221 - Personal Health


Area V - Pre-Professional, Major, & Elective Courses

Select CIS 146 - Microcomputer Applications

Select BUS 263 - Legal & Social Environment of Business

Select BUS 271-272 - Business Statistics I & II

Select BUS 241-242 - Intro. to Accounting I & II


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