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Department of Theatre

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At Montevallo, we provide first-rate theatre training within the context of a well-rounded liberal arts education.   If you study theatre here, you will be part of a highly personal department of over 90 majors. You will get to know your teachers well and work closely with them both in and out of the classroom.  While we are active in professional organizations within our respective fields, teaching is our first priority.  Experienced faculty members teach all courses instead of graduate students, and enrollment in acting classes typically ranges from 8-20 pupils.  We work hard to prepare students to directly enter the profession, and the expertise of our full and part-time faculty allows us to offer a range of classes that can match the curriculum of much larger departments and universities.

While we will nurture and support your talents and aspirations, our program is also a challenging and rigorous one aimed towards helping you to achieve your career aspirations.  Our curriculum provides each student with a solid foundation in various acting techniques, play analysis, directing, stagecraft, costume construction and lighting.  We also offer a range of upper-level, specialized classes in all areas including theatrical design.

Degree Tracks: B.A. and B.S. in Theatre

*B.F.A. :



**Musical Theatre

Design/Technology: Costume Emphasis

Design/Technology: Scenic and Lighting Emphasis

*All students are required to formally pass a screening audition for BFA degree tracks during their sophomore year; or after one semester for transfer students.

**Students interested in Musical Theatre must audition for placement in voice lessons and the Musical Theatre program. However, as with the other BFA degree tracks, they must also pass a screening audition in sophomore year to formally enter the BFA program with a Musical Theatre emphasis.


*Performance: Acting I, Acting II (scene work emphasis), Acting III (period styles), Acting for the Camera, Voice I and II, Movement I and II, Mask Work, Shakespeare, Acting Workshop, Improvisation, Musical Theatre Performance I, II and III, Stage Combat (rapier and dagger, unarmed) Audition Techniques, Dance Classes (audition techniques, jazz, tap), Singing Voice instruction.

*Directing: Directing I, Directing II, Directing III (includes an opportunity to direct a play in the Spring Theatre Festival).

*Costume: Costume Construction, Costume Crafts, Costume Design I and II, Make-up.

*Scenic/Lighting: Stagecraft I and II, Computer Aided Drafting, Scene Design I and II, Stage Lighting, Lighting Design.

*Theory/Writing: Theatre History I and II, Costume History, Period Décor for Designers, Play Analysis, Theory and Criticism, Playwriting, Screenwriting, Special Topics Film Seminars.


Career Preparation

*We also offer a Career Preparation Seminar for B.F.A. students and other junior/seniors, as well as independent project/study possibilities.

 The "business" aspects of pursuing a career in the arts are discussed both in and out of class, and our upper-level seminar course help students prepare for their initial career move after graduation.  While the faculty encourages your development as artists here at UM, we also help you to define your immediate post-college career goals and assist in preparing you for that initial transition.  Our students leave here knowing what they want to do and having the necessary training and knowledge to pursue their dreams. Regular guest artist seminar workshops, as well adjunct faculty and guest directors or choreographers, further help our students hone their skills and prepare for the future.