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     King House

     King House is the oldest building on campus. It was erected in 1823 using slave labor and bricks made from clay that was taken from the banks of nearby Shoal Creek. The kitchen of the house is a second building, which was common during antebellum days. The first house in the area to have imported glass windows, it has been called the best example of Federal Architecture in this part of Alabama. The structure, named for its original owner, belongs to Edmund Kind, a Virginian who came to Alabama by way of Georgia. So taken was King by the area's natural resources, not to mention the beauty of its rolling hills, that he moved his family here, under the guidance and protection of William Weatherford (Red Eagle), and Indian chief who escorted the caravan through the Creek Nation. King acquired large tracts of land and became a leading citizen of Wilson's Hill (the first name for Montevallo). An advocate of education, King donated, in 1851, the land for the site for Reynolds Hall, which originally housed "The Academy," a private school for boys. During the Civil War, soldiers from both sides took refuge in the house. After King's death in 1863, the house and property eventually passed into other hands. In 1908, the AGIS purchased the house and 43.4 acres of land from Mrs. Frank Nabors for $8,502. The house has served as a classroom, an office building, an infirmary, a home economics "practice home" and a summer home for male students. During the 1970s, the exterior was restored to its original appearance. Remaining inside are the original staircase, much of the original flooring and hardware and some of the original window glass. Today, King House is used as a guest house for special visitors to the University. Not far from King House, located next to Harman Hall, is the King family cemetery with the "Great Caesar's Ghost" insert card in hand.


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